In an increasingly complex and changing environment…
The learning process cannot remain the same

What is a Learning Journey?

Learning Journeys are designed for senior executives in leadership roles. Whether in the public or private sector, leaders share many of the same functions and responsibilities. The lessons of strategic thinking, performance orientation, and team building taught on GSI Learning Journeys apply to leaders of any organization.

Participant Experiences

Participants in GSI’s Learning Journey programmes have the opportunity to interact with leaders in related fields, discussing practical solutions and how to implement them. Participants are exposed to cutting-edge perspectives and leadership practices, and are then challenged to apply them in their own environment.


Upcoming Journeys

Building a Sustatinable Economy

A key focus of this learning journey will be to enrich your knowledge and understanding of the challenges associated with diversifying an economy, experience and discuss first hand with leaders who have succeeded in this endeavor and engage policy leaders on new emerging practices in the field.

Geospatial Applications In Decision Making

Provide participants the necessary tools to oversee and implement the policies in their agencies required to support the effective coordination and sharing of spatial information.

Leadership + Innovation

Discuss nanotechnology, energy initiatives, biotechnology, and the processes and challenges behind developing cutting-edge ideas into reality.

Cyber Security + Collaboration

Enrich your knowledge and understanding of select security subjects, understand, experience and discuss best practices as they relate to the security subjects in the US public sector.

Emergency Medical Care

Examines and illustrates how the process and continuum of emergency medical care should flow, from initial recognition of a crisis to the referral and treatment of the patient at the appropriate specialized medical treatment facility.

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